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Autumn 2016

As ever, the first half term in class 5 has been busy. Charity has been a theme as we have looked at the Bishop’s Harvest Appeal as a class, completed a sponsored walk  for the NSPCC and are just about to have a wear blue day to help raise money for  and awareness about the local boy Ollie Gardiner. We have also had a great time with our science so far this term. We have been looking at different forces and have been able to undertake investigations outside to look at air resistance and gravity. Year 6 enjoyed a day a Milton Keynes at the Real Science event where there was an opportunity to speak to people who use science everyday as part of their job.

Every half term seems to be busy in class 5 but this second half term has been exceptionally eventful.  In the classroom we have been enjoying our topics, including Evolution and Inheritance and in particular the work of Charles Darwin and Alfred Wallace. Alongside our regular curriculum we have also seen the Year 6s undertake work shadowing after which they made posters and prepared a presentation for the evening at the Desborough Hall at Tring School which they performed with great confidence. Christmas games generated some very creative ideas and again the enthusiastic approach by Class 5 made for another very successful event.  St John the Bapstist church in Aldbury was the venue for the sleep over. With a walk through the woods in the dark, fish and chips, team building, bell ringing and singing and a BBQ for breakfast amongst the activities it will be a night to remember for the whole class.   

Picture 1 NSPCC Walk
Picture 2 NSPCC Walk
Picture 3 Science - Air resistance investigation
Picture 4 Science - Air resistance investigation
Picture 5 Science - Air resistance investigation
Picture 6 Real Science
Picture 7 Real Science
Picture 8 Real Science
Picture 9 Real Science
Picture 10 Real Science
Picture 11 Real Science
Picture 1 Angles investigation
Picture 2 Angles investigation
Picture 3 Christmas Games
Picture 4 Christmas Games
Picture 5 Christmas Games
Picture 6 Design a light winner
Picture 7 Distraction training
Picture 8 Science - Darwin and Wallace
Picture 9 St. John the Baptist Sleep-over
Picture 10 St. John the Baptist Sleep-over
Picture 11 St. John the Baptist Sleep-over
Picture 12 Workshaodwing Poster
Picture 13 Workshadowing Presentation