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Autumn 2016

Class 2 have had a very busy first half term. We have begun our Australia topic with dot painting - we chose an Australian animal to paint. Also in Art we have looked at the primary colours and had lots of fun creating secondary colours. Have a look at our hand prints - that was a fun afternoon! We then chose a colour to find different shades by adding black or white paint. 

On No Pens Wednesday we did some problem solving - using dominoes and having to find a way to make all sides of the rectangle add up to 8. We also went on an Autumn walk to find leaves to decorate our animals. We had to be creative with how we would 'write' our names. 

This second half term has also been busy in Class 2. We have been practicing for the Christmas play as well as working very hard in the classroom. In topic we have been learning about War and Remembrance and looked at the British Officer Walter Tull. In RE we have learnt about light and dark and one of the activities was to make an advent wreath. We had lots of fun making our Christmas crafts and liked using the blanket stitch for our gingerbread men. We enjoyed making our elf hats for Christmas lunch too.

Picture 1 Creating different shades of colours
Picture 2 Creating different shades of colours
Picture 3 Problem Solving
Picture 4 Aboriginal Art
Picture 5 Autumn Art
Picture 6 Autumn Walk
Picture 7 Autumn Walk
Picture 8 Colours display
Picture 1 Advent Wreaths
Picture 2 Baubles
Picture 3 Christmas Crafts
Picture 4 Christmas Hats
Picture 5 Firework pastel pictures
Picture 6 Superheroes