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Autumn 2018

As we approach half term, it would seem that everyone in class 5 has settled well in the daily routines.


Our first literacy unit, which has been looking at the life of Amelia Earhart, has meant that we have been able to get outside the classroom to make and fly paper aeroplanes to help understand how instructions should be written. The topic (The Amazing Americas) has also taken us outside to take a closer look at our own local area and community before making comparisons with other locations. When looking at North American artists we have been able to include some problem solving including the four colour map theorem.


In science we have not only be looking at Inheritance and Evolution as it is considered today, but, through some role-play, we have reflected on how scientific theories have developed through history. This has linked with our R.E. topic of creation and sparked some very thought provoking discussions in class. In R.E we have also been considering the Bishop’s Harvest Appeal (Give Peas a Chance) and the class presented the appeal and a story to illustrate its impact during the harvest service. It has been a busy time!

Picture 1 The Strangest Shop in the World
Picture 2 Harvest Service
Picture 3 Harvest Service
Picture 4 Science
Picture 5 Science
Picture 6 Problem Solving
Picture 7 Problem Solving
Picture 8 Amelia Earhart - Paper Planes
Picture 9 Amelia Earhart - Paper Planes
Picture 10 North American Art
Picture 11 Our Village