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Autumn 2018

This first part of the Autumn term has been very busy in class 2. We have enjoyed our China topic. We began by saying what we already knew about China and then asking questions about the topic. We have found China on the globes and in the atlases and we looked for the United Kingdom and places we had visited on holiday. We looked at and compared school life with a Beijing primary school.

In art we have looked at the primary colours and mixed these to make secondary colours. We have then hand printed Chinese dragons using the secondary colours. We have completed lots of problem solving including tangrams.

On No Pens Day Wednesday we began to learn the properties of 3D shapes and played Guess My Shape. In Literacy we have been reading stories about Dragons and Flat Rabbits! We began, in September, by looking at colour poems and we have enjoyed performing them and writing our own poems. In RE we have looked at the Creation story through poetry and prayer and Joseph's coat which we linked to problem solving.

Picture 1 Chinese Dragons
Picture 2 Topic Questions
Picture 3 No Pens Day Shapes
Picture 4 Globe
Picture 5 Atlas Work
Picture 6 Tangram