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Spring 2016

In Class 3 children have an opportunity to do a class assembly on a topic of their choice. 2 girls chose Science and made a volcano with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar…great fun! Others did a play about wildlife. Our topic this term is North America. We have learned about the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and designed buildings in his style, using building bricks. We also learned about the North American photographer, Ansel Adams, and created our own photographic landscapes.

For the second half of term we have had another busy time.  For World Book Day we dressed up as characters from children’s books; some of us took part in a hockey tournament; we had a go at making a tree out of 4 sheets of A4 recycling paper for a STEM competition (We were not allowed to use any glue, tape, staples, etc. to join the paper together) and we’ve been enjoying doing lots of problem solving.

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