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Spring 2016

Class 4 have become graffiti artists! As part of our London topic we have learned about the artist 'Banksy'. We looked at examples of his work and thought about our reactions to them and graffiti in general. We designed and made our own Banksy-style stencils and used these to print onto our very own brick wall! We have also been learning lots about London, its well known landmarks and the various forms of transport in the city. In Maths we have looked at co-ordinates and plotted and translated shapes. We have been reading some Shakespeare and some Harry Potter, as well as learning about Space, Islam, methods for addition and subtraction, rhythms and dance! We have been busy!

This half term, Class 4 have continued learning about London. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the London Eye and the British Museum, and learned a lot about London landmarks, Islamic art, London architecture and the Ancient Egyptians. We loved presenting our learning to our parents in our assembly, which we wrote a lot of the script for ourselves. In DT we learned more about London buildings and thought about how to strengthen a structure. We were challenged to build the tallest possible tower using only paper! We also had a fantastic workshop all about Islamic prayer. Imran taught us all about 'wudu' the special washing ritual that Muslims complete before praying, and we learned about how and where they pray.

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