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Summer 2015

This half term our topic has been Florence Nightingale. We were lucky enough to have Florence Nightingale visit school. We started the morning helping Florence to make useful items to take to Scutari hospital. We made candle holders, sashes for the nurses, pill boxes, diaries and practised using ‘dippy pens’ to write in the diaries. We also made medals for the soldiers. When we got to Scutari some of the luggage labels had come off of the suitcases. We were detectives in finding which suitcase went with which person. After lunch the hall was transformed into Scutari hospital. We had to work in the hospital and do all the different jobs. We took turns gardening, washing and ironing, cooking, cleaning and nursing. Some of us got to be patients too. We were engrossed in all the activities and have learnt so much about Florence Nightingale. It was great to have hands on experience and try some of the equipment from the past for example the dolly for washing clothes.
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