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Summer 2016

Summer Term 1

In Class 2 we have enjoyed our Kings and Queens topic. We started our topic by looking at significant monarchs and painted portraits of them. We have found out lots of facts about these monarchs and enjoyed some of the stories that they are famous for. We visited Windsor castle and found the State Apartments and Queen Mary's dolls house interesting. There was lots to see in the castle. We also visited St George's Chapel and found out all about the  Order of the Garter. In other areas of the curriculum we have been giving instructions in Computing and in Maths we have been using standard units of measure. 

Summer Term 2

This half term we have been busy in science learning about different scientists. The first scientist we looked at was Isaac Newton and we did our own gravity test. In maths we went outside to see how many jumps we could do in one minute, how many shuttle runs in one minute and other activities we could complete in one minute. We were lucky to have Class 4 come and read us their stories and we thoroughly enjoyed them. Class 2 have also used the computers in Maths to work out which coins to use when paying for their shopping.  


Picture 1 Beanstalk
Picture 2 Computing - Instructions
Picture 3 Computing - Instructions
Picture 4 Measuring
Picture 5 Measuring
Picture 6 Royal Portraits
Picture 7 Windsor Castle - Arrow slit
Picture 8 Windsor Castle
Picture 9 Windsor Castle
Picture 10 Gravity Test
Picture 11 Gravity Test
Picture 12 Maths and Money
Picture 13 Maths Outside
Picture 14 Reading with Class 4
Picture 15 Maths recording