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Summer 2018

Class 2 have been working hard this half term on their royal portraits. We have learnt about Richard III and Queen Victoria in topic. We have completed problem solving linked to the royal wedding and researched some other significant monarchs. We have looked at the Queen’s family tree and the link between Elizabeth II and Queen Victoria. In science we have been planting a variety of seeds and bulbs – some with more success than others! We have also studied the artist Georgia O’Keefe and linked this to our science work. We had lots of fun when Perform visited and took us to the jungle.
Picture 1 Art Work
Picture 2 Royal Portraits
Picture 3 Royal Portraits
Picture 4 Planting
Picture 5 Planting
Picture 6 Perform
Picture 7 Perform
Picture 8 Perform
Picture 9 Perform
Picture 10 Perform
Picture 11 Planting