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Autumn 2017

Autumn Term 1

Class 2 have settled very well as a class and they have worked very hard this half term.

We have been looking at the globes and atlases in topic to find out where the different continents and oceans are. In maths some of us have been finding the number bonds to 10 and 20 using the numicon and finding patterns and in problem solving we have been working systematically and completing tangrams.

We have been finding out how tall we are and comparing our heights in the class in science.

On No Pens Day Wednesday,we made 3D shapes and created our own Starry Night pictures inspired by Vincent Van Gogh. In other art lessons we have looked at cityscapes and landscapes by Monet.


Autumn Term 2

Wow, this term has flown by. We have been busy making Christmas cakes, candle holders and sewing stockings for the Christmas Fayre. We have also been practicing and performing the Infant Christmas play. In maths we have covered lots of different areas including money – we set up a toy shop for some of the groups and fractions – sharing the pirates treasure into half and then quarters. In literacy we have been following instructions to make some different Christmas crafts.

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