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Spring 2018

During the first half term we have been learning about London. A big thank you to Mia's parents who sent in their old Metropolitan Police uniforms for us to look at and try on! We have completed an art project too, we created stencil graffiti in the style of Banksy.


We have also been learning about Earth and Space. In one of our Big Write sessions we wrote non-fiction texts about some of the things we have learned.


This second half term we have had some exciting events! We completed the K'nex challenge, where we worked in pairs to build a crane. Some members of Class 4 have taken part in the Bananagrams Challenge, and we are very excited to find out who wins in the grand final! We've made some amazing word grids and tested our spelling knowledge.


Finally, 18 members of Class 4 travelled to London for a sleepover in the Natural History Museum. We slept in the Hintze Hall with a fabulous view of the Blue Whale skeleton. We also heard from one of the museum scientists, made some dinosaur t-shirts, explored the dinosaur gallery in the dark and hunted for clues in a torch lit trail and learned lots about different animals in a live animal show. We even managed a little bit of sleep!

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