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Spring 2018

Spring 1

In Class 2 this half term we have been finding out about different explorers. We began our topic by looking at an explorer in the 14th Century - Ibn Battuta. He spent nearly thirty years travelling around Africa and Asia. We have painted his portrait as the Chinese did when he visited China.


We have looked at primary colours in art and then used our knowledge of colour mixing to create our own versions of work by Paul Klee, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. We have enjoyed mixing shades and tints - especially when we painted Separation in the Evening by Paul Klee. Drip painting in the style of Jackson Pollock was lots of fun, and a little messy!


In Computing we have looked at databases and been finding out how to present information.


Spring 2


In Class 2 this half term we have been reading scales and comparing different containers to see how much water they hold.

We have enjoyed our DT work looking at sculptures by different artists and have created different poses and then recreated those poses using pipe cleaners to make people. We used black paper to make silhouettes. The next part of our sculptures was to create a clay model making sure that there were holes somewhere on our model. We painted our models using just two colours.


In Science this half term we have been looking at habitats and we all chose a habitat to create a hanging habitat – we looked at different animals and plants which grow in each habitat. In RE we have sorted the different parts of the Easter story into happy and sad using a venn diagram and we have all sewn an Easter egg to take home.


We looked a variety of stories on World Book Day.

Picture 1 Art Work
Picture 2 Mark Rothko
Picture 3 Ibn Battuta
Picture 4 Jackson Pollock
Picture 5 Database
Picture 6 Shades and Tints
Picture 7
Picture 8 Silhouettes
Picture 9 Habitats
Picture 10 Clay Sculptures
Picture 11 World Book Day
Picture 12 Easter Story
Picture 13 Sewing
Picture 14 Capacity