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Spring 2019

Spring 2


We have enjoyed looking at different homes from the past. We have looked at the features of the houses and what was popular in different periods of time. We have made houses and could either choose a home from the past, a home today or create a new home. We have used Venn diagrams for some different activities - sorting shapes and estimating different calculations. On World Book Day we liked sharing books with children in other classes as well as listen to different adults read. In Literacy we have we have listened to and read traditional tales and linked this to instruction writing and writing our own traditional tales.  In Science we have linked our materials work to our homes from the past topic looking at a variety of materials and the best ones to make houses.

Spring 2


This half term we have enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of London. We have explored paper in art  - looking at how we can scrunch, fold, cut, tear and squash the different paper types. We then created a collage using different types of paper. We recreated scenes from The Great Fire. We have used chalks in a different piece of art and thought about the wind blowing and the directions of the flames. We have cooked cakes which is a recipe from 1666. In topic we have looked in depth at The Great Fire of London and learnt about primary sources and how they are useful. We sequenced the events of the fire. In Literacy we have written stories, diary entries and newspaper reports all about the fire. On Super Learning Powers day we enjoyed dressing up, taking part in different challenges and the perform workshop where we met The Bad Bopper! We had to help recycle all of the rubbish The Bad Bopper had left. What a busy half term we have had!