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Spring 2019

Spring 2


This half term, alongside our usual curriculum work, we have been lucky enough to have welcomed a range of visitors into class 5.

The Knex Challenge once again offered the opportunity to consider the world of engineering and then carry out a project that combined these ideas with creativity. The Sky Blue Theatre Company were able to organise key stage 2 into performing Shakespeare’s Macbeth in just a morning. For class 5 this was a great opportunity to reinforce, deepen an understanding and consider the context of The Scottish Play.

 For the year 6 children there was a first opportunity to ask questions about the transition to secondary school as two heads of house from Tring visited. The last visit of the term was from the Dogs Trust. It is amazing how many of us own dogs but there was still a great deal to learn about how to behave around our own and other people’s pets.

Spring 1

Having picked up after a well-earned Christmas break, it seems almost unbelievable we are reaching the halfway point of the spring term. However, looking back over the last few weeks, it is amazing how much class 5 have packed in.


Some of the highlights include our Marvellous Maps work which built on much of the topic about the Americas from last term. We have made a good start with our investigations into building bridges (design and technology) and changing states (science). Our Judaism topic was made all the more meaningful as a result of the visit from a Rabbi. It was useful to hear many of the concepts we had been learning about in class being explained by someone for who these ideas are a part of everyday life and class 5 had the opportunity to ask meaningful and well thought out questions.


The annual visit from Legal Eagles gave the class a chance to role play the events in a court. A visiting magistrate talked to the children about how criminals would be dealt with in the court system and then the children participated in a court room case. They took on the role of solicitor, barrister, magistrate, defendant and witnesses to a theft.


In literacy, our Macbeth topic seems to have captured the imagination of the whole class. There have been opportunities to explore the story through the writing of recounts, diary entries and letters. This has helped everyone gain a clear understand of the plot and the main characters’ feelings, emotions, motives etc.