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Spring 2022

Class 1 have had a busy half term and have really been enjoying the better weather! Outside activities are bar far the most popular on a sunny day. 

We have used stories as the base of our learning and have used What the Lady Heard next,  Mr Wolf's Pancakes, Jack and the Bean Stalk, The girl and the dinosaur amongst others. 

The children have enjoyed really getting to know these stories and have been inspired to use the stories in their play, writing and creating. 


Class 1 have had a busy half term learning about Winter and Space. We froze water in the tough tray and the children enjoyed painting on ice, using droppers to drop the paint on and then brushes to spread it.  They froze leaves inside muffin trays in the mud kitchen and then used these to ice cakes the following day. 

They enjoyed the space role play, dressing up as astronauts and using torches in the blackout tent. 

We made 'moondust' in the tough tray outside which was fun to play with. The children decided it was much better suited to making 'apple crumbles' so it didn't stay as moondust for long! 

We enjoyed using 'junk' to make space rockets and aliens. The children were very good at natural art, using bits in the garden to make pictures and sculptures.