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Summer 2018

Summer Term 1
This half term we have been working collaboratively in Maths and Science, using our Super Learning Powers of Communication and Determination! In Maths we completed a treasure hunt outdoors to find and solve a range of word problems. In Science we have worked in groups to set up and carry out an experiment to help us understand evaporation.


Summer Term 2

This half term we have continued to learn about the Victorians. We visited Holdenby House where we took on the roles of Victorian servants to learn what life was like for some children. We had a tour of the house when we found out what a day would have been like for the children. We also had to work in the kitchen, bedroom and boot room - chopping vegetables, kneading bread, making butter balls, polishing the range cooker, washing and folding laundry, polishing furniture, making beds, tidying, dusting, beating carpets, polishing boots and more! It was a very busy day!

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