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Summer 2019

Summer 2


This half term we have been growing plants in science. We conducted an experiment to see what conditions plants need to grow in. We grew peas and have now taken them home to plant in the garden or into bigger pots. We have enjoyed our Seasides topic, comparing seaside holidays today with the past and painted seaside pictures.

In maths we have been learning the properties of 3D shapes and playing guess my shape. We have also been weighing objects and comparing them using greater than, less than and the equals symbols.

In literacy we have been reading lots of seaside poems and writing our own. We have enjoyed working in groups to write a group poem about the senses at the seaside. 


Picture 1 Paintin
Picture 2 Seaside paintings
Picture 3 Shape Work
Picture 4 Weighing
Picture 5 Writing a poem

Summer 1


Class 2 have really enjoyed their work on nurses this term.

We have learnt about writing different types of letters in Literacy as well as looking at the features of biographies and non-chronological reports. This has all linked to our work on Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell. We begun our topic by creating portraits of the nurses and using different materials to fill them.  We have also made clay owls - Florence Nightingale rescued an owl and named her Athena.

We had our Florence Nightingale Day and we had lots of fun and consolidated our learning through making different artefacts, sorting through suitcases and then helping in Scutari hospital. We all came dressed as Victorian children or nurses and doctors and begun our day with making different artefacts to help Florence Nightingale raise money for supplies to take to Scutari hospital. After a break from making clay candle holders, sashes, medals, birthday cards, pill boxes and writing our job applications we had some suitcases to look through - the luggage labels had come off and we needed to find out who they belonged to by looking at the clues. One of the suitcases belonged to a thirteen year old boy called William who played the bugle on the battlefield. We managed to work out who the suitcases belonged to! After lunch  - we found that the school hall had been turned into Scutari hospital. We all had turns at being nurses and soldiers. We also had other jobs to do, for example keeping the hospital clean, doing the laundry, growing and cooking nutritious food. We finished the day with Florence Nightingale sharing a painting of some of the doctors and nurses that had been in Scutari at the same time. It was a tiring but very enjoyable day.  

Picture 1 At the Laundry
Picture 2 Being Interviewed
Picture 3 Clay Owls (2)
Picture 4 Clay Owls
Picture 5 Cooking
Picture 6 Florence Nightingale Day
Picture 7 Hanging up the Washing
Picture 8 Hanging up the washing
Picture 9 Ironing
Picture 10 Looking at artefacts
Picture 11 Making Sashes
Picture 12 Portraits
Picture 13 Portraits
Picture 14 Science Spreading Germs
Picture 15 Scrubbing the bedpans
Picture 16 Scrubbing the floors
Picture 17 Spreading Germs
Picture 18 Tending the vegetables
Picture 19 Using Watercolours
Picture 20 Washing the floor
Picture 21 Whose Suitcase
Picture 22 Wounded Soldier
Picture 23 Writing with a dip pen