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Autumn 2019

Autumn 2


Class 4's topic for this half term has been Rivers, so in DT we were challenged to build a bridge with a span of 60cm that would hold a water bottle for 1 minute! 

In RE, we wrote poems for Remembrance Day, which we attached to our wooden spoon poppies and displayed in the garden. 

Class 4 very much enjoyed No Pens Day Wednesday; in Maths we used calculators to solve problems.

Picture 1 Bridges
Picture 2 Bridges
Picture 3 No Pens Day Maths
Picture 4 No Pens Day Maths
Picture 5 Remembrance
Picture 6 Remembrance
Picture 7 Remembrance
Picture 8 Remembrance

Autumn 1


Class 4 have had a busy start to the Year! In our topic work we have been trying to answer the questions 'Who were the pharaohs?' and 'Why were they important?' We learnt all about mummification and pyramids, then had a go at building some pyramids of our own, using card, Lego or K'nex. We needed to use lots of different skills - topic knowledge of what the pyramids looked like (they weren't all the same shape!), Maths skills of measuring lines and angles, Maths knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes and nets...and a good amount of Determination and Communication!

In our RE work we have been focusing on Christianity, using our Curiosity to think about the question 'What does it mean if God is Holy and Loving?' We answered lots of ultimate questions about God, and then created our own artworks titled 'God is...' We have used challenging language such as spirit, holy, omnipotent and omniscient.

Picture 1 God
Picture 2 God
Picture 3 God
Picture 4 God
Picture 5 Pyramids
Picture 6 Pyramids
Picture 7 Pyramids
Picture 8 Pyramids
Picture 9 Pyramids
Picture 10 Pyramids
Picture 11 Pyramids
Picture 12 Pyramids
Picture 13 Pyramids