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We had a wonderful day on Thursday when Mr Singh visited to tell us all about Sikhism. He spent the day visiting each class and was a big hit! Thank you to Mrs Soar for organising the day.


Emma , Saskia and Toby from Class 2 reported…


‘Mr Singh came to Assembly today and he brought his musical instrument from India. It was like a piano but needed air to work. He had to squeeze it to get a sound. He then sang along and he was such an amazing singer. Mr Singh also talked about Guru Nanak’s prayer and he told us numbers spoken in Gurmukhi (mouth of God).

In the classroom Mr Singh told us a story about when he was a little boy at school and his mum said he could have a reward for getting 2 stickers. He went to the shop to get some sweets but when his mum wasn’t looking he took a chocolate lollipop and sneaked it into his pocket. But his mum knew and told him that even if she wasn’t watching, God in heaven was always watching so it was important to always tell the truth.

Then Mr Singh showed us his mini puppet Mr Singh and we talked about the 5 K’s of Sikhism. After we drew pictures of Mr Singh and labelled them with the 5 K’s.

It was a brilliant day; we had so much fun!’


Finn from Class 1 wrote…

‘Today a Sikh came into assembly and he was talking all about Sikhism and he wears a turban on his head.  Also he can’t cut his hair because it is a gift from God and we drew around Mr Singh and he wears a Kara and he brought a story of a Sikh.’