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Spring 2022

Earlier this half term, Class 5 took part in the Hertfordshire STEM K'nex Challenge. Working in pairs, children had to design and then construct a moving bridge using K'nex. Having seen some photos and animations of different types of bridges, groups went on to build drawbridges, transporter bridges, table bridges and bascule bridges. Our class winners were Bree and Isla, and their design goes forward to a Hertfordshire-wide competition. 

On World Book Day, we had some wonderful costumes of favourite book characters, including Stick Man and Cruella, complete with Dalmation companions! During the day, we visited 'Starbooks' reading cafe, where each table was set with a range of books from a different genre. We were able to 'taste' different books to explore new genres and authors. 

This half term, Class 5 have been learning about coasts. We built a headland and made different coastal features from playdough; we thought about how these features are formed by weathering and erosion. In DT, we have been using the K'nex to build strong and stable structures, learning about the shapes and supports that can increase the stability of a building. Our most recent challenge required us to build a wind turbine, with rotating sails. We tested them using a fan!