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Autumn 2019

Autumn 2


In class 3 we have been very busy painting our plaques for the Christmas Fayre and making biscuits. We have enjoyed making our Christmas cards. We have created self portraits inspired by Salvador Dali. 

Picture 1 Christmas Plaques
Picture 2 Christmas Biscuits
Picture 3 Christmas Cards
Picture 4 Salvador Dali
Picture 5 Salvador Dali
Picture 6 Salvador Dali

Autumn 1


Class 3 have enjoyed their topic this term. We have been learning about the Anglo Saxons and Vikings and had fun making some Anglo Saxon jewellery. One of our homework options was to make a Viking Longship. We enjoyed making them and they are very impressive.

Picture 1 Jewellery
Picture 2 Viking Longship
Picture 3 Viking Longship
Picture 4 Viking Patterns
Picture 5 Viking Patterns