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Trip to St Albans Abbey 2016

Class 3 had a great trip to St Albans on Tuesday. In the morning they took part in the Abbey’s Harvest Celebrations as part of the choir then after a picnic lunch they split into two groups to take part in a workshop about St Alban. The day was enjoyed by all and informative for the children. As a church school it is always great when one of our classes gets to visit the Abbey. They always notice the Diocese crest which is the same as our schools crest. The class were accompanied by one of our governors, Mr Dimond. As part of his report to governors he said…’I think it is fair to say the children learnt a good deal about St Alban the person and St Albans the Cathedral. They certainly enjoyed themselves, as I did myself.

…. I was left today with the same feeling I get whenever I have the chance to spend time with children from our school, regardless of the age group.....they are all well mannered, all very capable of contributing to group discussion and all clearly enjoy being part of our school.’ Well done Class 3!