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Autumn 2019

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Class 5 are the first class to have forest school this year and they have really enjoyed it:

Mia: Forest school us a very enjoyable experience. You are always engaged with the nature around you and you have fun every week.

Charlie W: It was the best experience ever.

Olivia D: I loved the experience and I have enjoyed every second. I found all the new things that we learnt very interesting and now I know a lot more things to do with forests and surviving in the wild.

Amber: Forest school is an opportunity to co-operate with people you don’t usually join in with. It included fun, safe activities and I recommend it to everyone.

Esme: I loved building homes for fake mice and if your mouse was wet, then you would lose but luckily the house I build was successful. I also liked making a leaf picture it was a jellyfish.  

Pedro: I loved forest school; it was a big learning package for woodland survival. You could make awesome campfires, creations out of wood and best of all: You get to have fun.

Ed: Forest school is very good because we get to make dens. I liked it when we made a house for a mouse. I also liked it when we were whittling with knifes.

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Aldbury Sleepover

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