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What a wonderful day at Cuffley! Last night the children told and heard stories around the campfire and toasted marshmallows. This has been a highlight every evening. Today they completed a hornbeam tree study, made dens and had them tested for being waterproof (many wet children!), took part in crate stacking and learnt how to make a fire (under the supervision of Mr Scahill and Mrs Green). A very packed day! Mrs South visited too and she saw the fabulous Andy Goldsworthy style nature art, the children had made, in the woods. 


Cabin inspection was shockingly won by a boys group this morning. Then class 5 were finishing off diaries, survival bracelets and problem solving. Half the class have had a go at the climbing wall while the other half created art work in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. Before lunch, there was a scavenger hunt in cabin group teams. After lunch, everyone practised their geography skills by making a map of the campsite. The groups then swapped activities for the afternoon session.




Another great day! A rainy start but then the rest of the day has been sunny and clear skies. The children have been sitting out this evening around the campfire. There was great fun this afternoon with mountain biking and some of the children have been doing archery this evening too. 



Everyone has arrived safely although there was torrential rain so they are drying out! They have taken part in an 'Up and Over' session led by Cuffley; everyone is very muddy and having a fantastic time.

Mr Scahill says the mood at Cuffley Camp is good and everyone is ready to enjoy their week.