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Spring 2023

This half term, Class 5 have been learning about the Americas. The children chose a place in either North or South America to research, and created a poster of their findings. They then did the same for Hertfordshire, allowing them to compare the human and physical features of each place. Take a look at the pdf files of their posters below!

In Science we learnt about the circulatory system, and created a live model of the way blood moves around the body. 

We had a fabulous assembly all about autism led by one of our talented pupils.

We also had a visit from a planetary scientist who taught us all about NASA's recent DART mission to knock an asteroid off course, and we were lucky to be able to handle meteorite fragments. 


This half term Class 5 have been looking at photography in Art. We used ipads to create photographs in the style of Edward Weston, and made careful choices about cropping and desaturating the images.