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Welcome to Class 1!


Autumn 2023 Photos

Autumn Term in Class 1


Class 1 have enjoyed getting to know each other, making friends and finding out about our similarities and differences. We have been focusing on our Value for the term 'Kindness' and have worked hard at demonstrating this in our play and focus sessions. We have enjoyed exploring our new learning environments both inside and out, we are taking the time to make sure we understand the routines of our classroom which enables us to be independent in our play. In addition, we have been lucky to experience two author visits, an apple juicing workshop and a 'Perform' drama session!


Our topic this term - 'Yummy in my tummy'  has led to the exciting exploration of food. We have been discussing healthy eating, different food groups and having a balanced diet. We have considered the importance of taking care of our bodies, through food choices, exercise, sleep and hygiene. We conducted an exciting experiment using eggs shells ( which closely resemble enamel) and the impact of different drinks on our teeth!


 We have explored fruits from different countries using Handa's Surprise as a hook to engage. The children enjoyed tasting and comparing the tropical fruits. We used them in our art for observational drawings and considered the contrasting environments necessary for different food to grow. We have been practicing preparing our snack using our apple corers, graters and developing our spreading skills. During Diwali we made some tasty traditional Diwali treats -Burfas they were very yummy! We also made natural material Rangolis and clay Diyas.


We looked closely at pumpkins, trying to penetrate the skin with golf tees then scooping out the seeds. We have planted some of the seeds to see if they will grow in our garden along with planting our spring bulbs. Using Goldilocks and The Three Bears as a stimulus we made porridge with different fruits as a healthy breakfast or snack. We finished our food exploration off with a journey in The Gingerbread Man which of course required us to make our own in time for Christmas!