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Summer 2022

Class 4 have been preparing for their 'Great Bread Bake Off' in Design + Technology.  They sampled different types of bread rolls available from a supermarket, then listed their key 'design criteria' to show what they think makes the perfect bread roll.  From there, they came up with some design ideas for a new bread roll, exploring certain ingredients and considering which combinations might work well together.  They used play-dough to practise shaping their rolls and will be baking their final designs later in the week.

In RE, we read and discussed the symbolism in the story of Jesus Walking on Water.  We then tried to re-tell the story through freeze frame scenes. 

In Class 4, our History learning has been about the Victorian era in Great Britain.  In Literacy, we read a biography of Queen Victoria and re-enacted moments from her coronation and in Art we have been learning how to cross-stitch. 

Some children have produced amazing models of the solar system for their Science homework and on our Platinum Jubilee celebration day, everyone wore red, white and blue and made themselves a crown.