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Spring Photos 2023

Class 2 have enjoyed Science week this half term. We looked at what happens when sweets with a sugar shell make contact with warm water, habitats and making connections and investigating whether cup phones work – we asked lots of questions – does the string need to be tight? Does it matter how long the string is?

Class 2 have enjoyed gymnastics this half term, we have found different ways to travel and we have used a variety of apparatus to investigate. In problem solving we have been using grids and making sure we know the vocabulary row and column and then finding ways to put dots, dice and numbers into the grid to make a given total, sometimes finding the mistakes made.

We have also been finding the length and height of objects, some of us using non-standard units of measure, some of us using centimetres and metres. It was fun measuring the classroom and the hall. We agreed it would be quicker to use metre sticks rather than rulers!

The spring term started with our parent workshop. We launched mice and found out which bottle was the best rocket. We also invited parents to read and we had a range of genres to choose from. We have been very busy learning about nurses and answering the question how have hospitals changed from Victorian times to now finding out about nurses from history and what impact they had. We enjoyed our visit from the nurse (Luca’s Mummy) and we were very excited to have our hands bandaged, ask lots of questions, try out the stethoscope and many other activities. Class 2 have enjoyed learning a range of skills in art - creating patterns on clay tiles, weaving, painting on plates in the style of Clarice Cliff and mixing colours to create a rollercoaster. In science we have been learning about ourselves, focusing on our five senses. In RE we are finding out about mitzvah. Mitzvah means good deeds and we are answering the question: Why is learning to do good deeds so important to Jewish people? We have acted out Zoe doing a good deed for her Granny, we have listened to the story Ruth and Naomi and finding the good deeds from the story and making puppets from the story.