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Spring 2022

Class 2 have had lots of fun at forest school this half term. We enjoyed our walk in the local area, looking at nature particularly the tall rose bush that we saw. We loved making shelters with our friends using sticks and covers. We liked making a well with our friends. We made necklaces from wood and string. We enjoyed making, cooking and eating pancakes. We also liked searching for and finding mini beasts. We’ve enjoyed lots of other parts of the curriculum – in maths we have been using dominoes to solve problems, making a jungle in DT and painting in the style of Henri Rousseau. In RE we have been completing different activities linked to the Easter Story, including following a maze to learn about each part of the story.

Class 2 have had a busy half term. We have enjoyed learning about significant explorers. In this topic we have learnt about Matthew Henson being the first person to reach the North Pole in 1909, Ibn Battuta travelling 73,000 miles during his journeys, Felicity Aston being the first person to ski across the Antarctic and Neil Armstrong being the first person to walk on the moon. Through our learning we have looked at different sources and decided which ones were useful and which ones didn’t help with our learning. We have looked at where some of these places are on maps and watched clips of the moon landings. In art we have been learning how to draw self-portraits. We have also painted portraits of Ibn Battuta – as the Chinese did when he walked through the painters’ bazaar. We have enjoyed our learning in maths, particularly learning about division. In science we have been learning about different scientists and we have investigated how germs spread (and why it’s important to wash our hands) and gravity by carrying out an investigation with spinners and paperclips!