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Autumn 2021

Class 2 have had a busy half term practising the Christmas play and enjoying the curriculum, particularly our toys from the past topic. We enjoyed sewing our teddy bears and making wooden spoon dolls. On No Pens Day Wednesday we have worked together describing 3D shapes in maths. We have also enjoyed measuring in maths and in science we have made bridges linked to our material topic. We have also made collages to show either natural or manmade materials. Well done Class 1 and 2 on working hard practising the Christmas play.

Class 2 have enjoyed learning about the artists Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock and Paul Klee. We created colour fields in the style of Mark Rothko, drip paintings in the style of Jackson Pollock and made tints (adding white to make the colour lighter) and shades (adding black to make the colour darker) in the style of Paul Klee. In Science we have enjoyed finding out the answer to the question: Is the oldest child the tallest? Can class 2 remember the answer if you ask them - we did this back in September! In RE we have read and discussed The Creation Story, including reading a poem by Steve Turner and lots of activities about being thankful and linking this time of year to Harvest.