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Spring Photos 2023

This term Class 1 have been exploring Weather and Seasonal Changes. We looked carefully at different types of weather and how the weather can be associated with the season. We discussed the different types of clothes for each season and activities we may participate in. Building snowmen was a firm favourite for Winter! 


We talked about the impact of the weather and seasons on animals. We felt that birds may struggle to find food in the winter and so made bird feeders to hang around our playground. We explored reasons why some animals have their babies in Spring time as it gets warmer. We are excited about our very own baby chicks as we observe our eggs in their incubator in the hope that they will hatch before Easter!


We went on a Spring Scavenger hunt to try and spot the early signs of Spring and have used the blossom from the trees as a stimulus in are creative activities. During science week we made our very own rainbows by conducting an experiment with warm water and skittles! Finally, we have been very busy planting bean shoots, parsley and other herbs in our garden.  We are involved int he 'Grow your own Potatoes' project and are at the 'chitting' phase getting ready to plant these for a summer crop ! As the weather gets warmer we have been really enjoying accessing our outside classroom much more!

Our topic this term in Class 1 was 'Life on our planet.' We explored our local environment using maps, internet research and a local walk to identify the geographical surroundings of our school. We then created maps of our walk from a bird's eye view! We had a visit from an airline pilot; he told us all about flying a plane and travelling around the planet. Using the world map, we looked at other countries and explored the similarities and differences between cultures and environments. We tried to imitate a dragon dance during Lunar New Year! We created landscape collages and clay animal models. We finished it all off with a fabulous Well-being week.